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Calling all outdoor enthusiasts in Dubai! We understand the importance of having an incredible outdoor space, and at Studio Seg, we’re here to make it happen. With a substantial history of designing Dubai’s landscapes, we hold a profound sense of pride in our work and achievements.

Unmatched Landscaping Services

Here’s the exciting part: we are the go-to professionals in Dubai’s landscaping universe. Our team doesn’t just have the skills; they are true masters in creating breathtaking landscapes that will make your property stand out. However, that’s not all! Our scope extends beyond landscapes.

We specialize in swimming pools that provide the ultimate relaxation, Pergolas for perfect shading, Gazebos for a hangout spot like no other, and Barbecue setups that will transform you into a grill master!

Your Partner in Every Step

We offer great designs; we accompany you throughout the entire journey, ensuring your satisfaction at every step. Our comprehensive project management approach, coupled with our passion for the latest trends and techniques, guarantees exceptional results every single time.

Your Dream Team

Here’s the best part: we are not just your ordinary Landscape Design Companies in Dubai. We constitute the ideal team capable of transforming your property into a paradise. Whether you envision a lush landscape, a pool that offers a vacation-like experience, or elegant water features, our team of experts has got you covered.

Let’s Make Magic Happen

Don’t settle for anything bland when you can have an outdoor wonderland tailored to your style, surpassing your wildest dreams. Studio Seg is where the magic unfolds, and we are committed to making your outdoor space the talk of the town!

The Ultimate Guide to Landscaping Costs – The Ultimate Manual to Landscaping Expenses

The cost of landscaping isn’t etched in stone; it hinges on various factors: project dimensions, intricacy, material selections, and labor outlays. Rest assured, we’re here to furnish you with comprehensive guidance. Read on for a holistic grasp on precisely estimating the financial scope of your landscaping venture.

Commence by gauging the size and intricacy of your project. Account for existing structures that require seamless integration into your design, such as pools or patios. In cases where the project area is expansive and necessitates extensive groundwork – encompassing tasks like grading or retaining walls – brace yourself for proportionately higher expenses.

Your choice of materials exerts a palpable impact on costs. Opting for premium elements like natural stone or specialized plant species escalates expenses compared to more conventional options. Moreover, certain plant varieties may entail distinct soil preparation or elevated maintenance, contributing to incremental charges.

Last but not least, labor costs wield a significant influence on the total financial outlay. Remember to account for specialized equipment or potential multi-component installations that may come into play.

By assimilating these dynamics, you’ll garner a more precise understanding of the financial landscape of your landscaping project. Sculpt your outdoor haven into a captivating retreat, empowered by a meticulous budget and a dash of creativity. Embark on this transformative journey today!

Residential Landscape Services

Are you expecting a transformation for your residential landscape? Let us be your guiding hand in orchestrating a project that maximizes every penny spent. As the leading landscape company in Dubai, Studio Seg excels in curating tailored packages that align with your requirements and budget. Whether you’re pursuing a comprehensive overhaul or starting from scratch, our adept in-house design team leaves no stone unturned in fashioning an appealing and sustainable landscape that perfectly suits you. As Dubai’s premier landscape company, you can trust us to support your residential landscaping aspirations at any stage, armed with ingenious concepts.

Commercial Landscape Services

Upgrade your commercial environment with our top-tier commercial landscaping services. As the landscape company Dubai entrusts, we specialize in the construction, installation, and meticulous upkeep of thriving lawns, dynamic gardens, majestic trees, and more. We pride ourselves on managing weed control, nurturing robust plant growth, and meticulously trimming hedges to enhance the visual allure of commercial spaces. As the leading landscape company in Dubai, our designers craft commercial landscapes that are polished, attuned, and reflective of our clients’ contemporary trends, lifestyle, style, and distinct aura. Our expertise extends to routine mowing, seasonal plant care, mulch application, precision trimming, fertilization, and integrated pest management. Count on us, the unwavering landscape company Dubai businesses rely upon.

Swimming Pools and Aquatic Features

Elevate your space with the craftsmanship of sturdy concrete, sophisticated pavements, captivating tiles, enticing structures, and an alluring overall ambiance for your lavish swimming pool. Your choice of engaging the finest experts in swimming pool design and construction in Dubai will undoubtedly garner a cascade of compliments. As the premier landscape company in Dubai, Studio Seg excels in tailoring our services to meet the diverse needs of our esteemed clientele in the city. We present you with a comprehensive 3D plan and design underpinned by our unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring your swimming pool aligns seamlessly with your evolving preferences.

Dubai Landscape Design
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Landscape Design Styles

  1. Formal Landscape Design: This style exudes a sense of precision, with clean lines and symmetrical patterns. It employs geometric shapes, well-maintained hedges, and pathways that are neatly defined. Formal landscapes are commonly seen around traditional or classical architecture, lending an air of elegance and order.
  2. Informal Landscape Design: This design approach embraces a more relaxed and organic appearance. It features curved pathways, fluid flower beds, and an assortment of plant varieties. 
  3. English Garden Design: Drawing inspiration from the idyllic English countryside, this design emphasizes abundant and romantic plantings. It incorporates a variety of flowers and shrubs, along with features like meandering paths, inviting arbors, and cozy seating areas.
  4. Japanese Zen Garden: A Zen garden is renowned for its serenity and minimalism. It involves sparse plantings, meticulously raked gravel, and strategically placed stones to encourage meditation and reflection.
  5. Xeriscape Design: Especially relevant in arid climates, xeriscape design prioritizes water conservation. This approach employs drought-resistant plants, efficient irrigation systems, and mulching to minimize water usage and maintenance needs.
  6. Tropical Landscape Design: This style brings forth a vivid tapestry of vibrant foliage and exotic plants. It is characterized by striking colors, lush foliage, and a tropical ambiance that evokes a sense of paradise.
  7. Desert Landscape Design: Tailored for arid regions, this design harmonizes with the surroundings by utilizing native desert plants. It incorporates gravel accents, sand features, and natural rock formations, offering a striking and sustainable desert beauty.
  8. Mediterranean Landscape Design: Inspired by the Mediterranean coast, this design incorporates elements like olive trees, fragrant lavender, and aromatic rosemary. Tiled courtyards, charming fountains, and terracotta pots contribute to the warm and inviting Mediterranean feel.

Rustic Landscape Design: Rooted in a natural and unrefined aesthetic, rustic landscapes feature weathered wood, indigenous stones, and wildflower arrangements. This design style is often favored in rural or country settings, exuding a down-to-earth charm.

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